Peer Counseling

Women talkingRelationships come in many forms, with yourself, with God and with others.

You may be struggling with issues of grief, marriage challenges, parenting, change of life, health, history of abuse or any other relationship issue.

Regardless of what your issue is we have someone to walk along side you.

Are you a Sunday School Leader? Are you a Life Group Leader? Are you "the boss" at your job? Do you want to be a better leader?

Have you ever met a person you wanted to help but just didn't know how?

People Helpers is a basic peer counseling training course designed to give helpful information on how to handle complicated situations in a Biblical manner.

Our one on one peer counselors are empathetic volunteers who offer a non-judgmental listening ear.

This service is confidential and FREE of charge.  Please call 770-382-7224 for more information.

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